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Your compensation is about to improve permanently.

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We help everyday people get better raises and job offers in under an hour, guaranteed.

Pay what you want eBook.

What if you made more every year guaranteed?

That was the question I asked myself after yet another disappointing compensation conversation. I have become convinced that the biggest source of poor compensation is the lack of education on the topic.
I created the Accelerate Your Salary system to eradicate my own compensation struggles.
The method is simple. Every time you have a compensation conversation, take less than an hour of time to prepare. Of course there are a few more steps than just that. But even with the simple first step, of asking for more, you will improve your compensation permanently.Better compensation is not an event. Better compensation is a habit of gathering and presenting evidence. This book will show you exactly how to do it.

What readers have said...

Business Professionals

“After less than an hour, I felt incredibly well-prepared and confident when approaching my salary negotiation conversations.”- Fortune 500 Employee

"I learned how to prepare for a salary negotiation and how to feel confident that what I’m asking for is reasonable. I’d definitely recommend to a friend."- Entry Level Employee

“This was really helpful and has made me feel more prepared to go into the workplace. It has made me more comfortable with the idea of negotiating salaries which is an important skill to have.”- Graduating College Student

"As a young professional, I found it incredibly needed. Negotiations can be complicated and uncomfortable but I felt more comfortable. I would say this is a need for any young business professional."- Business Professional

"I found this to be very beneficial. As someone who had already accepted a role prior to this, I was really kicking myself that I did not negotiate or use the other tools that we learned from this session. Going forward I feel more confident asking the uncomfortable questions and starting the conversation to negotiate. It was overall a very insightful experience that taught me a lot about the benefits of having these conversations and how to approach them confidently and appropriately."- Business Professional

"I've literally never had confidence bringing up raise requests with my managers. Accelerate Your Salary turned something I always saw as wishy-washy into something concrete and measurable. Most organizations I've worked in have either no guidance for how to measure your own success, or if they have any at all, they are generic. I was able to do the necessary self-exploration to determine where I needed to work harder to align with my department's goals and the company's initiatives and was able to confidently enter my negotiation for an increase in salary knowing I had improved and practiced in these high value areas."- Former Tesla Sofware Engineer

Let's get you paid more...

Pay what you want eBook.

Employers thoughts...

When hiring employees...

“I’d love to see a candidate lay their salary expectations in this manner.”Executive Based in New York City, NY

"As a founder, I wad floored by a candidate proposing AYS for our initial salary negotiation. It's not often you can meet candidates face-to-face with your KPIs. I had a lot more confidence entering the professional relationship of hiring the candidate because we discussed, up front and in detail, what the company actually needed before I decided to move forward with the hire. The reason this is exceptionally unique is that the negotiation revealed more to me about my own company's parameters for success."- Founder of a Technology Company

When giving raises...

"Having an individual contributor come to me with this approach was definitely surprising. I've never seen anything near the kind of rigor behind a request for raise. It actually set the bar for most subsequent raise requests. Because it laid out he thought he could provide and what our department and organization needed, I was able to use that as a point of departure and settle on a set of initiatives that were closer to our goals. As usual I had to bring the proposal to my CTO, but fortunately the individual did most of the legwork with his written request with data and proposals to back it up.- Software Engineering Manager

“Presenting a case for a raise like this helps make my job easier to go ask for more on their behalf.”- Executive based in Minneapolis, MN

Your compensation is about to improve permanently.

What is included in the book?

It will give you everything you need from start to finish when asking for more compensation without damaging relationships or putting your role at risk. Plus bonuses like exact scripts for starting and ending conversations that get results and exactly what to evidence matters and how to present it.

Pay what you want eBook.

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